Dr Ian Boutle

Areas of expertise

  • Boundary-layer turbulence

  • Cloud parametrization

  • Microphysics

  • Mid-latitude cyclones

Publications by Ian Boutle

Current activities

Ian is a scientist working on cloudy boundary layers. Ian works closely with colleagues in Cloud Physics, using observations to evaluate and improve the parametric representation of boundary-layer turbulence and cloud-scale processes in the Unified Model. These improvements have benefits for both weather forecasting and climate simulations.

Ian's current work is focused on how very high resolution modelling of the Greater London area may help improve fog forecasting at Heathrow airport. This would be of great benefit to the aviation industry, as currently many flights are cancelled during fog events, at great expense to the airlines and dissatisfaction to customers. Previously, Ian has worked on modelling studies of the VOCALS and COALESC field campaigns, and he has contributed to GCSS intercomparisons, investigating stratocumulus to shallow cumulus transitions and cloud-climate feedbacks. Ian was also heavily involved with the incorporation of the ENDGame dynamical core into the Unified Model, and its coupling to the existing physics parametrizations.

Career background

Ian joined the Met Office in 2009, joining the Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations group. Before joining the Met Office, Ian completed a PhD in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading, investigating the coupling between the atmospheric boundary layer and mid-latitude cyclones. Ian also gained a first class honours degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Warwick.

External recognition