Dr Jennifer Brooke

Areas of expertise

  • Land surface modelling.
  • Land surface-atmosphere coupling.
  • Land surface temperature.
  • Boundary layer processes.

Jenn's Publications

Current activities

Jenn is a Senior Scientist in the Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations group working to improve the representation of land surface and boundary layer processes in the Unified Model.

Jenn is part of the science coordination committee for an international field campaign LIAISE (Land surface Interactions with the Atmosphere over the Iberian Semi-arid Environment). The field deployment took place in July 2021 in the Ebro river basin in the Catalonia region of north-east Spain. The project brings together ground-based and airborne measurements to support modelling studies of land surface processes, surface-atmosphere interactions and the subsequent feedbacks to the Mediterranean boundary layer.

Land surface-atmosphere interactions play a critical role in the development of the atmopsheric boundary layer and help to determine the near surface temperature and humidity throughout the diurnal cycle. Studies have shown that these interactions are strongest in semi-arid regions where there is both a sensitivity of the surface fluxes to the soil moisture profile, and a sensitivity in the atmosphere to these surface fluxes. Semi-arid regions pose a significant modelling challenge due to the highly heterogeneous nature of the environment.

The other focus of research is developing the Met Office LEM to more fully represent the feedback between the evolving land surface and the atmospheric boundary layer. Jenn is also co-chair of the RMED near-surface processes working group collaborating with UM Partners on priority areas of research. 

Career background

Jenn joined the Met Office in November 2013 where she spent five years in the Radiation Research Group in Observation Based Research. During this time, Jenn was researching model biases in land surface temperature and the surface energy balance in the Unified Model and the JULES land surface model. Jenn has participated in a number of international field campaigns including Fennec (2011), SAMBBA (2012), SALSTICE (2013), ICE-D (2015), COSMICS (2015) and the INCOMPASS project (2016). Jenn developed limited area forecasts in support of the Iceland Greenland Seas Project (2018) and the Year of Polar Prediction-endorsed MACSSIMIZE (2018) measurement campaign.

Prior to joining the Met Office, Jenn completed her PhD at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds. The PhD was co-sponsored by the Met Office through a CASE award. Jenn received a MChem degree in Chemistry with a Year in Industry from the University of York, Department of Chemistry in 2009, with a year spent working at DSM in The Netherlands.