An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr John Edwards

Areas of expertise

  • Surface transfer

  • Observational assessment of models

  • Transitional boundary layers

  • Atmospheric radiation

  • Lying Snow

Publications by Dr John Edwards

Current activities

John is a research scientist working to improve the representation of physical processes at the land and ocean surfaces in numerical forecasting models, with a particular interest in coupled processes and the associated exchanges matter, momentum and energy. John uses observational data and process models to form a detailed picture of these processes and to identify areas for improvement in current forecasting models.

Major themes in John's current work include the representation of polar regions and particularly of lying snow, drag at the ocean surface and its effect on tropical cyclones and surface exchanges of heat and moisture in semiarid regions.

Career background

Since 2018, John has been a member of Regional Model Evaluation and Development, but was previously a member of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations. John's interests remain in understanding and improving the physical processes represented in the model, but his recent move reflects a new redefined focus on how these processes work together in the whole environmental system. Before 2003, John worked on parametrization of atmospheric radiation in the Met Office Hadley Centre, developing the radiation code used in the Unified Model.

John holds a PhD in astrophysical fluid dynamics from the University of Cambridge, from which he also received his first degree in Mathematics.