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Mr Mike Bush

Mike works to develop the Operational NAE Model.

Mike works to develop the Operational NAE Model

Current activities

Mike works to develop the Met Office Numerical Weather Prediction models of the Unified Model, by diagnosing problems, and working to provide solutions either directly or by liaising with the wider research community within the Met Office, Universities or other external collaborators. When model changes are proposed these are then tested and extensively trialled before moving forward towards operational implementation. In particular Mike works with changes to model resolution and parametrizations of clouds and cloud processes, radiation, the land surface, convection and aerosols. Much of Mike's day to day work involves running Forecast model development and diagnostics with a view to getting proposed changes into the next suitable Forecast model development and diagnostics.

Mike is a EUMETNET Short Range NWP Expert Team member and represents the Met Office at European Working Group on Limited Area Modelling (EWGLAM) meetings.

Career background

Mike has been a member of the Mesoscale Model Development and Diagnostics group since 2002. He joined the Met Office in 1996. Prior to joining the Met Office Mike completed an MSc at the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading.

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