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Dr Nicola Gedney

Nicola works on land surface modelling, with a particular interest in hydrology and methane emission from wetlands.

Current activities

Nic is a senior scientist working on land surface modelling. She works on the development of the Met Office land surface model, Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES). Nic currently is involved in the project on Water and Global Change (WATCH), the aim of which is to analyse, quantify and predict current and future global water cycles. Her work involves developing models for groundwater and irrigation.

Nic is also working on improving the hydrology within specifically predicting wetland areas. She is also developing models to predict emissions of methane from wetland areas for the climate model (as detailed in the Unified Model).

Career background

Nic has been a member of the land surface processes group since joining the Met Office in 1998. Prior to this Nic had a post doc at the University of Reading, assessing the effect of Amazonian deforestation on the northern hemisphere.

Nic completed a PhD in the Department of Metrology at the University of Reading. She also has an Msc in Remote Sensing from London University.

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