Dr Robert Dunn

Areas of expertise:

  • Data quality control and processing pipelines.

  • Sub daily datasets.

  • Climate extremes

My Publications - Dunn, R

Current activities   

Robert is the lead developer of the HadISD dataset.  This is a sub-daily dataset comprising the major meteorological observations since 1973 for over 6000 surface stations across the globe.  An automated quality control routine ensures a high level of reproducibility, and the dataset is updated annually.

He has also been involved with the development of HadISDH Homepage, a gridded, monthly surface humidity dataset based on HadISD; as well as HadEX2, a gridded dataset of climate extremes indices.

Career background

Robert joined the Met Office in 2010. Before that he worked as a post-doc at the Excellence Cluster "Universe" in Munich studying the behaviour of solar-mass black-holes over time from their X-ray emission. He received his PhD from the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, which followed on from an MSci in Natural Sciences (Physics) from Cambridge University.