An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Dr Ruth Comer

Areas of expertise

  • Land surface.

  • Diurnal cycle in outgoing long-wave radiation.

Publications by Ruth

Current activities

Ruth has recently joined the Monthly to decadal applications group, where she will work on the development of new user-relevant products from the seasonal prediction system. This project will bring together a detailed scientific analysis of the capabilities of the prediction system and an understanding of the needs of end-users. The output will be seasonal forecast information relevant to areas such as water resources, agriculture and energy.

Career background

From 2008 to 2012, Ruth worked in the Understanding Climate Change area, where she worked to understand underlying processes in the Met Office Hadley Centre models. She focused on aspects of the land surface scheme such as soil moisture and vegetation and their effects on the wider hydrological cycle.

Before joining the Met Office, Ruth gained a PhD at the Environmental Systems Science Centre (ESSC) at the University of Reading. This involved an analysis of the diurnal cycle in clouds and water vapour, primarily using observations from the Meteosat-8 satellite. As an undergraduate, Ruth studied mathematics at the University of Bristol.