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Dr Steven Hardiman

Steven works on Stratospheric Processes.

Steven works on Climate Dynamics.

Current activities

Steven is a senior research scientist within a group led by Nick Dunstone.  The group works to understand the mechanisms that drive regional climate variability in different parts of the globe.  Steven is currently carrying out research into the influence of the El Nino Southern Oscillation on rainfall in China, and is also looking at the sensitivity of the Rossby Wave Source term to processes which are usually neglected.

Prior to this, Steven worked on stratospheric dynamics, climate and variability, specifically researching the influence of the stratosphere on surface climate.  He also led a Process Evaluation Group to better understand the physical processes influencing the tropical tropopause temperature and lower stratospheric water vapour concentrations in the Met Office Unified Model.

Steven was a contributing author for the 2010 and 2014 WMO ozone assessment reports, and recently published a paper on the impacts of nudging the dynamics in chemistry-climate model simulations.

Career background

Steven joined the Met Office Hadley Centre in May 2008, working for 8 years in the Earth System and Mitigation Science team before moving to the Monthly to Decadal Climate Prediction team in May 2016.  Prior to this he completed a PhD in applied mathematics at the University of Cambridge, where he also received his undergraduate degree, and then took up a post-doctorate position in the physics department at the University of Toronto, Canada.

External recognition

Steven is an associate editor for the Royal Meterological Society's Atmospheric Science Letters.

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