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Multigrid solver makes global forecasts quicker

expensive, is the subroutine which solves a very large number of coupled linear equations to obtain the pressure correction at each grid point during a model timestep. Recently a collaboration between the Met Office and the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath led


with the needs of the UK aviation industry over the next five years.  The meeting was held at Hyatt Place, Bath Road, UB7 0DG. Who was eligible to attend? The consultation was aimed at those who fly into UK airspace and pay the en-route charge.  What if I could not attend but wanted to provide

Dr David Rundle

PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Exeter. The title of his thesis was 'Molecular Line Transfer Calculations in Star-Forming Regions'. Before this David was a Maths and Physics undergraduate at the University of Bath (2001 - 2005).

Dr Matthew Mizielinski

Horizon2020 project PRIMAVERA. Matthew moved to his current role in 2016. Prior to joining the Met Office Matthew has previously worked for BT Exact Technologies, modelling data and telephone networks, and from 2003 to 2009 investigated the interaction between atoms and metal surfaces at the University of Bath under the supervision of Prof. David Bird, gaining a PhD in 2007.


How hay fever affects your pets

pollen problems, as well as keeping them cooler in the hot weather. Wash them weekly – while dogs usually only need a monthly bath, consider increasing the frequency during the pollen season. A weekly bath can help to get rid of any lingering pollen – a specialist hypo-allergenic pet shampoo from your

Space weather

the parts of the model responsible for such errors. Development of a demonstration space weather forecast system: In collaboration with Bath University, the Met Office is developing a system for the near real-time processing of space weather observations, the analysis of these observations

Prof. Mike Cullen

of prior dynamical information in the assimilation process, since there is insufficient data available to make purely statistical methods viable. Mike is also a visiting professor at the University of Reading, and is currently co-supervising five PhD students at Imperial, Bath and Reading, on topics


by removal out of the atmosphere. To achieve this, we need to lower the emissions we are sending into the atmosphere, from activities such as industry, transport, intensive agriculture, as well as removing greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere. Think about a bath with the taps turned on, to ensure


Met Office to host Europe's largest Arm supercomputer

The funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)  will create the largest Arm-based supercomputer in Europe. The powerful new £6.5m facility, to be hosted by the Met Office in Exeter and utilised by the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter, the GW4

My Winter - Gas Engineer Katie Jelbert

after my hands and feet as well, keeping them warm and dry, which is often easier said than done! And it might be a bit of a cliché but there’s not much better than a hot bath after working in the cold all day. Top tips for Winter This winter, ENA (Energy Networks Association) established the Winter

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