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Urban Climate Services - The Bristol City Pack The City Pack uses the latest UCKP projections to provide local summaries of a city’s future climate. The first City Pack was co-developed with Bristol City Council and resulted in the co-delivery of three non-technical factsheets explaining how

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Introduction UKCP Case Study: The Bristol City Council Factsheets Authors: Rebecca Parfitt 1 , Natalie Garrett 1 , Nicola Golding 1 , Claire Scannell 1 and Lucy Vilarkin 2 1. Met Office, Exeter; 2. Sustainability Project Manager, Bristol City Council Year of Production: 2020 Target Audience: City

UK Climate Resilience outputs

. The Urban Climate Services team at the Met Office have produced an infographic to describe the production lifecycle of the Bristol City Pack. This first City Pack was co-developed with Bristol City Council and resulted in the co-delivery of three non-technical factsheets explaining how the climate

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BRISTOL CLIMATE CHANGE The Science Time of day – As temperatures cool overnight, the moist conditions around the Estuary can lead to fog. Wind direction – Funnelling along the Estuary, between the Welsh Mountains and Exmoor can result in stronger WSW winds. The Welsh Mountains to the NW, can also

How to find us in Exeter

Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol Airport and Bristol City Centre. The Falcon serves the Honiton Road Park and Ride stop, just outside the Met Office, in both directions. Visit the Stagecoach website for more information and to plan your journey. Find out more about the Stagecoach Falcon service By road

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Mean change in the variable e.g. temperature RANGE BRISTOL CLIMATE CHANGE UKCP Results UKCP Headlines for the UK Although the trend is for drier summers in the future, the latest UKCP data suggests possible increases in the intensity of heavy summer rainfall events. Sea levels will continue to rise

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BRISTOL CLIMATE CHANGE The Results Explained Main advances in UKCP: State-of-the-art global climate models Innovative regional climate models Up-to-date observational data Significant user engagement Locally relevant climate information to enhance resilience Our future climate is determined


South West England: climate The counties included in this area are Cornwall, Devon and Somerset together with the four administrative areas around Bristol (formerly Avon) and the Isles of Scilly. Much of the landscape of Devon and Cornwall consists of plateaux at varying levels. The plateaux

Dr Frances Beckett

in the Atmospheric Dispersion and Air Quality Group since joining the Met Office in 2012. Prior to this Frances completed a PhD in Physical Volcanology at the University of Bristol on buoyancy driven flow and implications for degassing processes at basaltic volcanoes. Frances has an MSci in Environmental Geoscience from the University of Bristol.    

Dr Thomas Melvin

travelling solitary waves at the Bristol Centre for Applied Nonlinear Mathematics in the University of Bristol, where he also received his undergraduate degree in Engineering mathematics.

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