UK Climate Resilience outputs

Climate service pilots project

A major theme in the UKCR science plan is the evolution of climate services and their delivery. This work package focuses on using the climate risk quantification information from elsewhere in the programme to develop and evaluate climate service pilot services.

The Urban Climate Services team at the Met Office have produced an infographic to describe the production lifecycle of the Bristol City Pack. This first City Pack was co-developed with Bristol City Council and resulted in the co-delivery of three non-technical factsheets explaining how the climate of Bristol may change over the 21st Century.  This infographic summarises the lifecycle of the City Pack project, from the initial engagement with Bristol City Council to the ongoing expansion of the City Packs to other cities across the UK.

Urban Climate Services

The co-development of urban climate services for UK cities

Bristol climate change results, (working with Bristol City Council)

 - the science,  the results explained  and UKCP results - December 2019

Belfast climate change results, (working with Belfast City Council) 

- the science, the results explained and UKCP results - November 2020

Glasgow climate change results, (working with Glasgow City Council via Climate Ready Clyde)

 - the science,  the results explained and UKCP results  - November 2020

Kirkless climate change results, (working with Kirklees Climate Commission)

- the science,  the results explained and UKCP results - November 2020

Leeds climate change results, (working with Leeds City Council via iCASP)  

- the science,   the results explained and UKCP results - November 2020

London City climate change results, working with (London Corporation) 

- the sciencethe results explained and UKCP results - November 2020

Exeter climate change results, working with (Exeter City Council and Devon County Council) 

- the science the results explained and UKCP results - April 2021