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advised not to travel. Ferry services were cancelled, the Port of Dover was closed and there were difficult driving conditions on many roads. Power cuts affected over 675,000 homes. Some of the worst impacts were from flooding with the worst affected areas across the Pennines where flooding affected


as the short sea track over the Dover Straits does not warm the cold continental air. The variation of mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures month by month, together with the highest and lowest temperatures recorded, is shown for Heathrow and Hurn. An 'air frost' occurs when the temperature at 1.25


. At Dover some ferries were delayed due to high winds with one ferry stuck at sea, and there were some delays at the London airports due to strong winds. On the 30th and 31st, in Scotland some sporting fixtures and public events were cancelled or postponed due to strong winds and heavy rain. Both the Tay

NCIC Monthly Summary

disrupting road and rail travel. All ferries at Dover port were delayed. The south-west of England also saw rescues, ferry and flight cancellations, flooding on roads and rail lines, as well as debris causing disruption along the sea front in Swanage. The bridges over the Severn Estuary were closed due


and ferries between Dover and Calais and to the Isle of Wight were delayed. Roads were blocked and rail services were delayed due to fallen trees. There were power outages in parts of southern England, and some travel delays, including to flights between Newquay, Lands End and the Isles of Scilly

NCIC Monthly Summary

closures due to fallen trees and trampolines. The Woolwich Ferry was suspended and some local amenities were closed due to blowing debris. The QE2 Bridge had a 30mph speed restriction and some operations in Dover and Southampton were delayed due to strong winds. In the south-west a lorry overturned


0.34 0.9 Newport 0.07 0.63 Immingham 0.18 0.15 Mumbles 0.15 0.38 Cromer 0.54 0.77 Milford Haven -0.09 -0.09 Lowestoft 0.86 0.86 Fishguard 0 -0.19 Felixstowe Pier 0.58 0.65 Barmouth 0.41 0.46 Southend 0.38 0.52 Holyhead 0.33 0.91 Sheerness 0.38 0.52 Llandudno 0.51 1.35 Dover 0.51 0.06 Hilbre Island


Weather Rev 124:148–166 Hourdin, F, Mustat, I, Guichard, F, Ruti, PM, & Favot, F. Pham MMA, Grandpeix JY, Polcher J, Marquet P, Boone A, Lafore JP, Redelsperger JL, Dell’Aquilla A, Losada Doval T, Traore AK, Gallee H (2010) AMMA-Model intercomparison project. Bull Am Meteorol Soc Huffman GJ, Bolvin


Milford haven Newport Mumbles Ilfracombe Avonmout h Division 8 Hinckley Bournemouth Newlyn St Marys Port Errin Holyhead Division 9 Division 10 Plymouth Division 7 Weymouth Immingham Division 5 Division 2(N) Dover Newhaven Portsmouth Cromer Lowestoft Felixstowe Division 6 Division 2(S) Sheerness Division 3


Division 5 Division 2(N) Dover Newhaven Portsmouth Cromer Lowestoft Felixstowe Division 6 Division 2(S) Sheerness Division 3 Division 4 Coastal flood watch areas Area 7 Area 6 Area 5 Area 8 Area 4 Area 3 Area 9 Area 1 Area 2 Figure 6 - Scottish Environment Protection Agency tidal alert forecasting

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