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Yorkshire Flooding June 2007

Highest Maximum Temperature - 13 June 25.0 °C at Gravesend, Broadness (Kent) Lowest Minimum Temperature - 14 June -2.5 °C at Kinbrace, Hatchery (Sutherland) Most Rainfall - 14 June 97.7 mm at Harlow Hill Reservoir (North Yorkshire) Most Sunshine - 15 June 16.6 hours at Stornoway Airport (Western Isles

Met Office technical documents

A Lissaman, R Riley, J Sugier, M Kitchen, D Adams, R Cox, N Freeman, K Norman, R O’Boyle, C Sloan, M Smees 2016 Final Report on the WVSS-II Sensors fitted to the FAAM BAe 146  Vance, A.K., Woolley, A., Cotton, R., Turnbull, K., Abel, S., Harlow, C. 2011 Areal Forecasting Science Specifications


precipitation (mm) average Harlow Hill Reservoir (North Yorkshire)289.9 497 88 years Hull 256.3 487 137 years (*) Dalton Holme (East Yorkshire) 263.5 485 127 years (*) Sheffield (South Yorkshire) 285.6 463 125 years Bradford (West Yorkshire) 261.4 411 97 years (*) a few years missing Areal values for June 2007

Satellite and surface assimilation scientists

Chawn Harlow Chawn manages the Satellite Radiance Assimilation Group which is responsible for processing the satellite radiance data which is assimilated into the Met Office NWP System. Dr Lee Hawkness-Smith Lee works on the assimilation of radar reflectivity. He works in the Data Assimilation


Kingdom AAC Middle Wallop Flying Wing, Middle Wallop, SO20 8DY, United Kingdom Albermarle Albermarle Barracks, Harlow Hill, Ouston, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE15 0RF, United Kingdom JOMOC Northwood HQ, Sandy Lane, Northwood, HA6 3HP, United Kingdom Watnall Field Service Engineering Centre Main Road, Watnall

NCIC Monthly Summary

of England there were reports of flooding on the 14th, affecting the A414 in Harlow, one road in Hinxton, and the entrance to Cambridge railway station, as well as property flooding in Kings Lynn. In London there were reports of flooding around Tower Bridge, and long delays on the Piccadilly line


, Chawn Harlow, Owen Lewis, Stefano Migliorini, Ruth Taylor and Christopher Thomas. © Crown copyright 2021, Met Office Page 22 of 35 References Bannister, R.N. (2008). A review of forecast-error covariance statistics in atmospheric variational data assimilation. I: characteristics and measurements


-processing in weather and climate: proposed actions from the Oxford 2019 workshop. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. A Math. Phys. Eng. Sci. 379, 20200091. doi: 10.1098/rsta.2020.0091. Havemann, S., Thelen, J.-C., Taylor, J. P., and Harlow, R. C. (2018). The Havemann-Taylor Fast Radiative Transfer Code (HT


. Acknowledgements I am grateful to Alison Fowler (University of Reading), Nancy Baker (NRL) and my Met Office colleagues, Neill Bowler, Chawn Harlow, Heather Lawrence, Stefano Migliorini and Chiara Piccolo for their helpful comments. I also acknowledge contributions from Peter Weston (now ECMWF

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