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Chris Jones

model intercomparison project (known as C4MIP) a related activity known as ZECMIP (to determine the zero-emissions commitment: the continued warming after emissions of CO2 cease) and is on the steering committee for others including: Land-use (LUMIP) Carbon dioxide removal  The UK land-surface model

Dr Kate Willett

summaries for as many essential climate variables as possible, describing their behaviour over the current year in context of the historical record and known modes of variability such as the El Niño Southern Oscillation. Kate sits on the steering committee of the International Surface Temperature


in July 2020 on behalf of UKRI, the Met Office, and UKAEA for the DDWGs members and Steering Committee members. To promote collaborative working between DDWGs, topics of discussion were the cross-cutting themes within the programme and an opportunity for groups to discuss commonalities

ExCALIBUR programme news

how UK academia and relevant organisations might fulfil the ExCALIBUR programme requirements, to inform future science and cross-cutting themes for funding. This activity will run until 4 December 2020. This event has now ended.   ExCALIBUR steering committee - June 2020 A steering committee has been

Dr Peili Wu

cycle and its impact. Peili has a broad interest in climate variability and change. Peili is a lead scientist for the Met Office's IHP project and acting as a Met Office contact for NERC's changing water cycle programme. He is also a member of the international science steering committee for the Arctic

Catherine Senior

Member of Nobel Prize winning IPCC Team Lead Author IPCC 3rd Assessment Report (Working Group 1) Contributing author and reviewer, IPCC 1st,2nd and 4th Assessment reports (Working Group 1) Member of WCRP Working Group on Coupled Models Co-chair of Scientific Steering Group of the Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme


Panel and UKCP18 team at the start of the project. Progress on the scientific methodology is reviewed regularly. 2. The Peer Review Panel provided a steer on a range of science questions such as the approach to downscaling projections. 4. Peer Review Panel submit over 700 comments. UKCP18 team


2020-September 2023) • Design and implementation of new weather and climate diagnostic system (October 2019-March 2021) • Spatial decoupling of dynamics, physics and chemistry (April 2020-September 2022) Steering Committee The ExCALIBUR Steering Committee has been formed and includes members


How long will the cold conditions last?

to occur, where the stratospheric temperature can rise by 50 °C. When this event has occurred previously it has often led to cold conditions across the UK, linked to a weakening of the polar jet stream – the high-altitude ribbon of air which steers weather systems towards us from the Atlantic

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