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-term average (mm) Grangemouth Refinery (Stirling) 95.0 67.1 Perth, Norwich Union (Perth) 86.2 - Stonehaven, Cheyne (Aberdeenshire) 79.0 - Newton of Falkland (Fife) 77.2 - Gilston (Mid-Lothian) 62.8 64.2 Kinross (Kinross-shire) 61.6 81.4 The map below shows lightning activity recorded across Scotland

ParaCon - Representation of convection in models

the different strands of the programme towards a single parametrization. Project areas The overall programme is led by Alison Stirling at the Met Office, and is divided into five project areas: 1. Triggering of convection Led by Doug Parker, this project aims to develop a new, scale-aware genesis scheme


to 24 July 2013 Date Daily max temperature (°C) Station 6 July 28.1 Heathrow and Kew Gardens, Greater London 7 July 29.7 Hurn, Dorset 8 July 29.9 Edenfel, Tyrone 9 July 29.3 Grangemouth Refinery, Stirling 10 July 28.5 Betws-y-Coed, Gwynedd 11 July 28.8 Castlederg, Tyrone 12 July 29.4 Auchtermuchty


of Stirling) on 12 July 1911. The variation of mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures month by month, together with the highest and lowest temperatures recorded, is shown for Paisley and Tiree. An 'air frost' occurs when the temperature at 1.25 metres above the ground falls below 0 °C, whereas


. Vosper, H. Wells, K. Williams, N. Wood, T. Allen, A. Bushell, D. Copsey, P. Earnshaw, J. Edwards, M. Gross, S. Hardiman, C. Harris, J. Heming, N. Klingaman, R. Levine, J. Manners, G. Martin, S. Milton, M. Mittermaier, C. Morcrette, T. Riddick, M. Roberts, C. Sanchez, P. Selwood, A. Stirling, C


parametrisations struggle with the diurnal cycle of precipitation (Stephens et al. 2010; Stratton et al. 2012; Stirling and Stratton 2012). Model tropical convection over land tends to initiate too early in the day and peak in the early afternoon, rather than in late afternoon/early evening


to lightning strikes. The worst hit areas were the Craigavon and Newry areas. Road, rail, tram and airport services were disrupted in Edinburgh. In Stirling, a number of roads were closed due to flooding, including the M9. Power outages were reported across Tayside, Aberdeen and Dundee

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