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Agricultural services

The changeable UK weather can have a significant impact on farming activities.

Accurate weather forecasts give farmers the knowledge to make correct and timely decisions that can ultimately help protect livestock, land and produce.

At the Met Office, we are aware that farmers have an incredibly hard job working day-in-day-out in all types of weather. We aim to make things a little bit easier by providing accurate and timely weather and climate information that is easily accessed to help you plan your activities.

Should I put down fertiliser today? What day next week would be best to start the harvest? Should I move my animals outside? Do I need to irrigate over the next few days? These are all examples of questions that are much easier to answer if you have accurate weather and climate information.

In summary, weather forecasts can help determine when crops are planted, harvested, watered, protected, fertilized and sprayed, as well as how animals are looked after, moved and fed.

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