Together, we can adapt and enhance your weather presenting by advancing how you engage your audience, upgrading your production process and ensuring your availability to your audience.

Features and benefits

Highest quality visualisation

Visual Cortex exploits new technologies in computer hardware in order to provide the highest quality visualisation available. Particle effects like raindrops, snowflakes and wind arrows, dynamic lighting and detailed maps are significantly enhanced by combining the latest graphics cards with visual effects in Visual Cortex.

Social media

Social media is a fantastic resource for a range of user-generated content. Inviting participation in Weather through social media we can add a new, underused dimension to your output that will distinguish you from other broadcasters.

Our graphics capability will enable you to reach new audiences and demographics.

New data stories

Using Visual Cortex with different types of environmental data, your presenters and journalists can create visual stories for a broader range of news, online and journalistic outputs than previously possible which bring news stories to life and can increase value for money of your weather graphics system.