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The aim is to provide immediate access to forecast conditions, while they are waiting for a more detailed Chemical Meteorology (CHEMET) report. It also provides three hours of hind cast data, as well as three hours of forecast data.

Developed in collaboration with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) FireMet is a password-protected, web-based system available to all FRS Incident Command Units and mobilising centres, as well as the National Coordination Centre.

Peter Heath, CFOAS, Response & Resilience Programme Manager has commented that the "web based system provides emergency responders with data to inform their dynamic and analytical risk assessments and the establishment of initial safety cordons. FireMet helps to identify areas at risk from hazardous substance plumes and assists planning for evacuation areas, triage and reception centres and so on." And goes onto say that the "system provides immediate access to forecast conditions and three hours of hindcast data. This information is critical to emergency services in the response phase of incidents."

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This system is for fire service personnel only and not available to the public.

Firemet is available through Hazard Manager.

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