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DataPoint Arcus

Met Office DataPoint Arcus is a new Met Office platform created to disseminate our global ensemble model (MOGREPS-G) more sustainably, using API’s and a HAL interface to give users greater selectability.

Access to the platform and data is currently free of charge, giving users an opportunity to experience Met Office global ensemble data for the first time. Whilst allowing the Met Office to evaluate customer usage of the platform and service levels to inform the build of a single, operational platform for all our PSI data.

Key external partners have already helped shape the production of a customer centric portal, complete with the relevant technical and scientific documentation to help customers utilise their API appropriately and information on how to correctly apply the scienctific information.


Our global ensemble (Mogreps-G) runs operationally with 12 members (plus time lagged products) to produce forecasts for the whole globe up to a week ahead. The parameters are forecast at grid points separated by about 33km.



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