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Numerical Weather Prediction model data

A range of model data for expert users

We can supply a range of model weather data for expert users.

Types of model data

There are two main types of models, the 'Met Office Unified Model', and the 'FOAM' (Forecast Ocean Assimilation Model).

The Met Office Data Manager is also the UK licensing Agent for ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts).

The Met Office Unified Model

The Met Office Unified Model is the numerical modelling system developed and used at the Met Office. It is 'seamless' in that different configurations of the same model are used across all time and space scales. This model can produce the following data sets.

Met Office Big data drive

Ever increasing volumes of data are providing a challenge to traditional delivery methods. The Met Office is developing alternative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our users. Met Office DataPoint Arcus is a new platform we’ve created to disseminate our global ensemble model (MOGREPS-G) more sustainably, using API’s and a HAL interface to give users greater selectability. Access to the platform and data is currently free of charge, giving users an opportunity to experience Met Office global ensemble data for the first time.

FOAM Ocean Assimilation Model

The FOAM model produces real-time analyses and forecasts of the temperature, salinity and currents of the deep ocean up to five days ahead. The FOAM system is built around a physically based ocean model. It is driven by surface fluxes from the Met Office NWP system and uses the measurements of ocean temperature, salinity and surface height that are available in near realtime to keep the model close to reality.

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