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Forecasts and alerts

Construction workers

Data to help you plan operations and projects safely and efficiently

Whatever project you are involved in planning, having accurate weather forecasts and alerts can help improve safety and efficiency.

Some of our most popular services are detailed on this page, however please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Building warning services

Designed to keep you ahead of the weather and ensure onsite teams are safe. Warning services can be set up according to your requirements, making this a flexible and valuable on-site service.

Monthly outlook

This forecast service provides you with weather advice out to 30 days ahead for ten regions of the UK. Presenting a range of weather parameters in text format or as a combination of visual maps and tables.

Six-day forecast

This is an easy-to-use, site-specific forecast of rain, temperature and wind for a six-day period.

It can help you identify opportunities or threats in the weather that will impact on your business, helping you to save time and money.

Talk to a Forecaster (TTAF)

TTAF enables direct telephone consultancy from a fully qualified and experienced Met Office meteorologist. This enables you to get a specific forecast for particular event or duration focusing on a particular set of variables and parameters.

Working at Height Weather Forecast

The Working at Height Weather Forecast forecast is an essential safety requirement for cranes. The site-specific forecast provides you with the mean and gust wind speeds at required heights and wind direction for the next five days.

This enables you to:

  • identify weather windows to plan lifts with confidence
  • provide the best possible health and safety for staff while lifting


VisualEyes™ is a web based service available 24/7, 365 days a year. It enables you to generate customisable weather analysis reports suited to your specific needs which helps you manage health and safety risks, better plan your operations and reduce costs.

This fully flexible system lets you:

  • Choose the forecast and real-time weather elements you want to view
  • Select the timeframes you want from the past 2 hours, out to 14 days ahead
  • Set the alert thresholds according to your risk profile


WeatherWindows is another web-based service available 24/7, 365 days a year. It is a tailored weather-based planning tool that enables you to plan tasks effectively and efficiently up to 15 days ahead.

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If you have a more specific request not covered by the products on these pages, contact our Contact us.

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