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Leisure Events

We work with businesses in the leisure sector to inform planning and support operational decisions, underpinned by our world-leading science.

The weather can create operational and health & safety issues during the planning and running of your event, as well as having an impact on resource planning and event attendance, at any time of year.

Benefits of weather and climate services to leisure & events industries:

  • Reduce maintenance costs by effectively planning for the weather
  • Reduce the risk of event cancellation.
  • Ensure the safety of fans and attendees
  • Ensure safer operations at height when working with tall metal structures such as staging and theme park ride structures.
  • Gain better insight into weather-led demand and resource allocation.

To discuss your requirements and to speak with one of our team, email us at or call 0370 900 0100.

We provide services to a wide range of outdoor leisure and event activities. Find out how we can combat key weather challenges, throughout all stages of event planning for your leisure event below:

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