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Independent gritting

We provide road surface forecasts to help independent gritting contractors service single or multiple sites

Road surface temperatures can be different to air temperatures. With this in mind, we can provide site specific, road surface forecasts to enable you to confidently identify the right time to grit your customer's premises. 

Our series of videos help explain some of the science behind our road forecasts.

Science explainer - This video explores how we scientifically select the most representative forecast sites for independent gritting companies.

OpenSite temperature explainer - Find out about the theory behind road surface temperatures. The key differences are highlighted between road, grass, air and windscreen temperatures on a typical winter night.

Snow explainer 1 - In this first video, Operational Meteorologist, Daniel Lowe looks at the different types of winter precipitation and their effects on tarmac areas such as roads, pavements and car parks across the UK.

Snow explainer 2 - Here, Daniel Lowe explains why snow is so difficult to forecast. It explores some of the different factors that affect where, when and how much snow falls and settles on the ground.

Snow explainer 3 - The final video of the series, Daniel Lowe explores why different types of winter forecasts can give conflicting information, and the factors that make a difference to the types of weather we see on the road surface.

Our forecasts

We offer two main types of road surface forecast:

  1. Site specific forecasts
    A high resolution forecast for a specific site that you maintain.
  2. Regional and national site forecasts
    Ideal if you manage multiple sites, or are planning to expand. We can provide regional and national forecasts scientifically allocated to postcode districts.

Key product features

  • Accurate and reliable weather forecasts from a recognised and respected brand, instilling your customers with confidence. (Watch the video to discover how we scientifically select the most representative forecast sites to provide the most accurate information).
  • Information delivered in a format to suit you, whether that be as a PDF or CSV file
  • 24 hour forecasts for the nearest available site in one and three hourly segmented forecasts, identifying likely amount of snowfall, minimum road surface temperature, road state and readiness colour state
  • The option of a forecaster's summary for nights two to five covering a range of weather parameters, text summaries and outlook
  • The option of telephone consultancy direct to a forecaster

Why choose us

We have been a trusted provider to the road sector for over 20 years and work with gritting contractors of all sizes to provide accurate road forecasts.

Road Quality Mark

To help you differentiate yourself from the competition in a competitive marketplace, we have introduced a Quality Mark. You can now reassure your customers that you are getting the most accurate forecasts, and understand the weather to make winter gritting decisions, by qualifying for this new mark.

The only such mark in the industry, it will demonstrate that you are investing in training to provide the best service available, and as your operations grow, the differing levels of Quality Mark - gold, silver, bronze and training - will demonstrate you are continuing to offer a high quality of service.

Contact us

Please contact us for further information and a member of the team will get back to you.

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