However, for southern parts of the country, showers Saturday morning followed by some more persistent rain later on Saturday could lead to some flooding and tricky driving conditions.

Heavy rain brought disruption to parts of southwest England and Wales this week, with parts of Cornwall seeing almost 80mm of rain falling in less than 48 hours. Weather warnings remain in place for southern England through the weekend, as low-pressure continues to bring spells of heavy rain and showers.  For much of the rest of the country however, it’ll be a drier weekend with a mix of scattered showers and winter sunshine.

According to figures from the RAC, an estimated 5.6million getaway trips are planned between 23 December and Christmas Eve. RAC patrol of the year, Ben Aldous, said: “Our figures show many more drivers are planning leisure trips by car in the run-up to Christmas this year, so bumper-to-bumper traffic on some motorways and major A-roads is going to be near guaranteed.

“Popular days for travel also tend to be common days for breakdowns, and our teams will be working flat-out over the whole festive period, regardless of what the weather has in store.  Drivers should remember that a small amount of preparation before setting out can dramatically cut the chances of breaking down in the first place – checking tyre tread and pressure, as well as ensuring oil and coolant are at the right levels, is a must before any long journey.”

Looking ahead to the weather for Christmas week, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, Dan Suri, said: “For Christmas week there are signs of a quieter spell of weather and slightly colder temperatures for many, though some parts of the UK can still expect some unsettled weather on Monday or Tuesday."

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