Parts of central and western Europe are in the middle of a heatwave, with the potential for record breaking heat in France and Spain as temperatures rise into the high-30s and low, perhaps mid 40s Celsius. This very warm air from Europe will be drawn towards the UK, allowing temperatures to rise into the high-20s in parts of Scotland, Wales and southwest England on Wednesday and Thursday, with temperatures reaching at least 30 Celsius in some spots in the southwest on Friday.

By Saturday however, the focus of the heat will shift away from the west towards eastern and central parts of the UK, where an easterly breeze will limit temperatures this week. This will mean places like Newcastle, Hull and parts of London could see maximum temperatures jump by as much as 10 degrees between Friday and Saturday. 

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Steve Willington, said: “It’ll be warm with sunny spells across many southwestern and western parts of the UK for the remainder of this week; however an easterly breeze will keep eastern parts of the UK much cooler and, at times, cloudier.  On Saturday however, the warmth will spread across eastern parts of the UK with temperatures peaking around 33 to 34 Celsius.”

The highest temperature on record for June is 35.6 Celsius recorded in London on 29 June 1957 and Southampton on 28 June 1976.  With temperatures into the high-20s and low-30s over a number of days, localised heatwaves are possible in a few places in the UK by Saturday.  Earlier this year the Met Office released an official heatwave definition. 

The Met Office has issued a National Severe Weather Warning for strong winds in the southwest on Thursday and Friday, as local conditions could lead to gusts of up to 50mph.

UV levels will be high to very high across the UK from Thursday to Saturday as largely clear skies and long spells of sunshine are forecast.  Heat Health Alerts have been issued for Thursday until late Saturday in conjunction with Public Health England.

It’ll also feel humid and muggy at times this week, especially overnight as temperatures are likely to stay into the high teens in places.  Advice on how to reduce risks from hot weather can be obtained from the NHS 

Steve continued: “Following the peak of the heat on Saturday, fresher conditions will spread to all parts of the UK by Sunday.”

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