High temperatures will continue over the southern half of the UK on Friday, with a chance of some parts reaching 34°C, higher than the maximum temperature reached in the whole of 2021 (which was 32.2°C).

The higher temperatures will be in the South and particularly South-East and East, with some localised parts of London likely to reach the heatwave threshold for the third consecutive day, the official trigger for a heatwave. It will also be a warm night on Friday, with urban areas holding onto the heat for longer into the evening thanks to the urban heat island effect.

A UK heatwave threshold is met when a location records a period of at least three consecutive days with daily maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding the heatwave temperature threshold. The threshold varies by UK county.

In these areas, the ozone levels will be low and UV levels high and people should be prepared and follow advice to stay safe in the heat – a level 3 heat health alert, issued by UKHSA, remains in place for London, South East and Eastern England.

Agostinho Sousa, Head of Extreme Events and Health Protection at the UK Health Security Agency, said: “Temperatures have already reached 30°C in some parts of the south on Friday and we want everyone to enjoy the hot weather safely when it arrives and be aware of good health advice for coping with warmer conditions.

“During periods of hot weather, it is especially important to keep checking on those who are most vulnerable, such as older people and those with heart or lung conditions. Make sure to look out for signs of heat exhaustion and follow our simple health advice to beat the heat.”

Other parts of the UK, particularly Northern Ireland and Scotland, will see Friday morning’s heavy showers easing. Temperatures around remain 15-17° C, and 20-22° C in Eastern Scotland.

A change for many

Saturday sees a big change in temperatures for most of the southern half of the UK – a drop of 10-15°C, closer to June averages, as a cold front moves south and east. Although many with still see a dry day, parts of Wales and the Midlands in particular will see an area of rain develop during the afternoon and into the evening making for a very different feel to the day.

Parts in the far south of England, along the English Channel, will see higher temperatures remaining with 30°C possible. Sunday sees the higher temperatures pushed away to the south. There does remain a threat of some thundery rain pushing into southern areas at times but for most it should be a dry day, with temperatures nearer normal for the time of year.

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