This will bring changeable weather conditions over the weekend and into the start of next week.

There’s a bright start for much of England and Wales on Saturday with a few showers for the Pennines and parts of Wales. It will stay dry in the Southeast and temperatures here will reach 24C or 25C. Further north it will be a little cooler, staying at around 17C to 19C.

Across the north it will be a wet and breezy start to the weekend with rain, heavy at times and Met Office Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders, said; “Some showers could bring the odd rumble of thunder for southern Scotland and northern England.

“After a dry start on Sunday cloud will build from the west as the next weather system approaches, bringing rain to Cornwall and then Northern Ireland by the end of the day. Temperatures will be down a little on Saturday, although, it will be more humid.

“A broad band of rain will move eastwards across the UK on Monday, it will be heavy in places with a risk of thunderstorms.”

Warming up next week

The trend through to the middle of next week is for the weather to slowly turn drier and a little warmer as high pressure builds to the west of the UK, although some areas are still likely to see some shower activity, primarily southeast and northwestern regions. However, there is currently no indication that we will see a return to the heatwave conditions of earlier this month, with temperatures likely peaking Wednesday across the southeast.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Adam Thornhill, said; “While high pressure often brings fine and dry weather at this time of the year, with this system likely building to the west of the UK, cooler air is forecast to be bought southwards across the country from the north.”

“Combine this with daylight hours shortening as we move towards September, and temperatures are unlikely to reach the same level as we have seen at times earlier this summer.”

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