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At the very heart of what we do.

Like all organisations, we have a responsibility to operate in a way that reduces our impact on the environment.

For us, however, sustainability means so much more. For example, we play a major role as an advocate and educator on climate change to inform government policy. Our data feeds are used by airlines to help them save fuel by flying the most efficient routes. We even help developing countries build capacity to access critical weather data and information to help save and protect lives in the most vulnerable communities.

We are using our climate knowledge to alter the way climate change is perceived, aiding international collaboration on both academic and personal levels, and promoting the use of innovative climate-sensitive sustainability solutions to improve the way in which live.

Sustainable operations

As well as this, at our head office, we promote sustainability on a daily basis, through four key themes:

  • suppliers and customers (marketplace);
  • people;
  • environment;
  • community.

For a summary of some of the ways in which we demonstrate sustainability, download our sustainability graphic.

For more details on our sustainability, view the pages below, or download our values and principles leaflet..

We also strive to conduct our business ethically. You can read how in our ethical policy.

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