Naturally, as an environmental organisation, we encourage our staff to consider greener alternatives to travel, both on the daily commute - and whilst on business. 

Travelling to work

Our head office in Exeter is in a prime location due mainly to its excellent transport links by road, rail and air, making it easily accessible from other parts of the UK and overseas.

Cycling to work

The Met Office supports Cyclescheme. Staff can choose a bike and accessories up to the value of £1,000.

We also have a Met Office Bicycle Users Group (MOBUG) group which organises social trips at weekends and night rides during summer months; the group promotes the health benefits and social aspects of cycling.

We also have pool bikes at our headquarters that staff can borrow. The bikes come in different sizes, for ladies and gents. We even have an electric bike and a fold up bike. Using the pool bikes often help staff decide the type of bike they would like if they are thinking of purchase their own.

Travelling whilst on work 

We work with Clarity Travel Management to help with our business travel needs. By using a single service provider, we are able to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Air travel

However, as an organisation with the environment very much at its heart, we recognise the need to limit air travel. Therefore, our staff must go through a rigorous justification process in order to determine whether air travel is essential.

In order to curb the trend of increased air travel, alternative approaches such as video and telephone conferencing are also offered.

The white fleet

We also have a fleet of modern low-emission pool cars for close distance business travel. We have a pool of eight vehicles leased for periods of three years. Staff use these for business travel instead of their own vehicles in order to minimise emissions