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State of the UK Climate

The State of the UK Climate report is an annual publication which provides an accessible, authoritative and up-to-date assessment of UK climate trends, variations and extremes based on the latest available climate quality observational datasets.

The 2016 report includes a phenology supplement which presents observations of the timing of budburst for 11 tree species in the UK, and explores simple relationships between budburst and climate across different species and regions.

Latest report and phenology supplement

Download the 2016 report. This should be cited as Kendon, M., McCarthy, M., Jevrejeva, S. and Legg, T. (2017): State of the UK Climate 2016, Met Office, Exeter, UK.

State of the UK Climate 2016 Published online 27 July 2017 and updated 1 August 2017

Download the phenology supplement. This should be cited as Abernethy, R., Garforth, J., Hemming, D., Kendon, M., McCarthy, M. and Sparks, T. (2017): State of the UK Climate 2016 Phenology supplement, Met Office, Exeter, UK.

Phenology supplement Published online 1 September 2017


A correction was made at 12:30 27/07/17 removing a reference to the Central England Temperature record showing 2007-2016 was the warmest decade in over three centuries as it is not correct. The amended text states 'The CET series provides evidence that the early 21st century has been warmer than the previous three centuries, and that all seasons are also warmer.'

We plan to publish the 2017 report in July 2018

Previous reports

State of the UK climate 2015 Published online 25 July 2016

State of the UK climate 2014 Published online 23 September 2015

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