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Appraisal of Met Office science at Commons review

The Queen's baton will spend two days in London

21 December 2011 - Throughout this autumn the Science and Technology Select Committee at the House of Commons has been carrying out a review into the role of the Met Office and its science. After hearing extensive evidence the committee is now preparing a detailed report.

During the course of the review, there was some very supportive evidence which recognised the importance of the Met Office's role in providing vital services for the UK and our world-class science.

The Met Office is unique, combining world-leading science and operational infrastructure that supports our scientists and forecasters to 'pull through' our Research to help save lives and protect property and the economy.

Edward Davey MP, Minister within the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills said: "The Met Office is a world beater - we should be extremely proud of the Met Office and the people who work in it."

John Pyle, of the Met Office Hadley Centre scientific review group, said: "If you look at the Met Office, it has an absolutely fantastic record, and is something of which I think the UK ought to be very proud. It seems to me that it has also delivered very important Public sector."

It is our trusted and established partnerships within government and the civil contingency networks that leads to effective action being taken when it matters.

In terms of our Public Weather Service remit, we are continually improving the How accurate are our public forecasts? against a range of metrics set each year by Government. We are consistently ranked as one of the top two operational weather services in the world.

Alan Thorpe, Director General at the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) said: "It is important to say that the Met Office is one of the world-leading weather services in the world in terms of the skill of its forecasts..."

The Met Office strives to be at the forefront of scientific innovation and our scientific expertise is world renowned. Professor Sir Brian Hoskins is recognised as one of the world's leading meteorologists and climatologists. He said: "Met Office scientists have played a very important role in the international scene...We have reached a point at which Collaboration (in the UK) is probably just about the best in the world."

Paul Hardaker, Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society, said: "The Met Office one of the world's leading met services. You can imagine that as part of this international network it plays a very important role not just in the UK but in international meteorology."

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