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Half of Brits Secretly Wish For 'Weekend Washouts'

British summer enjoyed from a beach deck chair

24 May 2016 - Whilst most Brits outwardly rejoice at the prospect of a weekend of sunshine and warm weather - especially ahead of a bank holiday - over half admit they secretly wish for 'washout' weekends of rain so they have an excuse to stay at home, according to new research.

Recent research has revealed some interesting statistics about how weather affects our daily lives and how often we check the weather.

Checking the weather

  • The research found that 62% of UK adults currently check the weather on a daily basis.
  • Apps are now the second most common way we check the weather (41%) after television (47%).
  • Nearly half (44%) say access to weather apps mean they check the weather more regularly - so they are prepared for what the weather will bring each day.
  • One in ten think that When it matters, our new mobile app helps you stay ahead of the weathers are the most useful type of app.

Personal impact of weather

  • 58% of UK adults have been to an event that was ruined because the weather wasn't planned for. Events include:
    • Someone else's wedding (9%)
    • My own wedding (2%)
    • BBQ (21%)
    • A day at the beach (16%)

Umbrella on the beach

Weather Excuses

  • Over half (56%) admit they secretly wish for 'washout' weekends of rain so they have an excuse to stay at home. The main reasons for this wish are:
    • To be lazy (30%)
    • To save money (21%)
    • To avoid going to an event (20%)
    • To stay in pyjamas all weekend (14%)
    • To watch a box set on TV (13%)
    • To watch films all weekend (11%)
    • To stay in bed all weekend (11%)
  • 42% say they have previously used the weather as an excuse for not attending an event. These include:
    • Seeing friends (26%)
    • Seeing family (15%)
    • A wedding (6%)

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