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Met Office helps utilities industry prepare for the impacts of extreme weather

Met Office experts speak to leaders in the utilities industry in London about the impacts of extreme weather.

The Met Office utilities team will be at Future of Utilities in London, 19 to 20 March, to help leaders in the industry understand and deal with the potential impacts the weather can have.

In recent years, the UK has seen extremes of weather with four out of the last five winters being colder and drier than average. The winter of 2011/12 saw above average temperatures but was followed by the wettest April on record, and the wettest summer in 100 years leading to localised flooding and disruption.

The Met Office expects these weather extremes to increase as a result of climate change and is leading the way to help utilities companies understand the potential implications and how to become more resilient to these extremes.

The energy and water sectors in particular are strongly affected by weather for example, extremes in temperature drops can cause surges in energy demand and increase the occurrence of pipe bursts.

Michelle Spillar, Head of Utilities at the Met Office said: "Working closely with our science teams, we provide market leading utilities consultancy services which integrates industry data and metrics with the most up to date and accurate meteorological information. We then write tailored reports to help customers understand true impacts of weather and climate on their businesses".

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