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The Met Office and the future of UK resilience

A Met Office expert is speaking at a UK Resilience conference on the importance of working in partnership to harness expertise.

Ensuring resilience to civil emergencies and natural hazards is an important issue, particularly in light of recent flooding and extreme weather in parts of the UK.

Phil Evans, Director of Government Services at the Met Office will be speaking at The Future of UK Resilience conference on the importance of working in partnership to harness expertise.

Phil Evans said: "With science at the heart of all our services, the Met Office is a trusted partner for climate, weather and hazard services providing advice and operational response and support. Our services help improve the resilience and effectiveness of public services helping to save lives, protect property and support the national economy."

Through working in partnership with science and service based organisations both in the UK and internationally the Met Office continues to invest in our science and the services we can provide such as:.

  • The crucial role our Civil Contingencies Advisors play in saving lives and protecting the UK's infrastructure and economy from damage caused by weather.
  • Working with the Environment Agency in the Flood Forecasting and with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency on the Scottish Flood Forecasting Service to warn against all sources of flooding.
  • Working with partners on the Natural Hazard Partnership to utilise and combine knowledge and expertise from organisations such as the British Geological Survey and National Oceanographic Centre.
  • Working with Scottish Government on 'Get ready for winter campaign'.
  • Working with environmental science based organisations to improve and invest in our science to deliver services.
  • Working with partners in the UK and US to develop Space Weather forecasting capability to contribute to mitigation of the risk on the National Risk Register.
  • Working with broadcast and media partners to ensure the public are informed about the weather before it arrives.

For further information about how the Met Office is ensuring resilience for the future you can visit our Environment Hazard Services services web page.

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