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Connecting you to climate scientists

A new online channel to enable young people to find out more about weather and climate science direct from scientists has been launched.

My Climate & is a Met Office project which aims to cut through confusion by enabling young Britons to put questions to leading experts.

It takes the form of an online video magazine with the site's roving presenter, Rob Hutt, interviewing a broad range of people, from fishermen in Cornwall to gardeners at the River Cottage, to discuss how climate change might affect their lives.

Celebrities and well-known organisations also feature, as they pose their own climate questions on the site.

Lifesaving charity, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), features in one of the films already on the website. In the film Terry George, Coxswain of the Sennen Cove lifeboat, explains how the weather affects him and his volunteer crew.

A spokesman for the RNLI said: "We support any resource that helps the UK public understand their weather and climate better to ensure their safety."

Anyone can upload their questions direct to the website and then the public will vote on which questions they most want to be answered. Leading experts in the field will then try to provide answers that are clear and give a real-life context.

Rob Hutt, the director and presenter for My Climate & Me, said: "We hope this website will provide a really useful resource for young people looking to get answers on the climate and weather issues that impact their lives.

"By providing an easily accessible, non-technical online forum we hope to encourage more people to find out about the cutting-edge science. And because it comes direct from the scientists, people know they can trust the information to be authoritative and impartial."

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