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Met Office Flies in to Royal International Air Tattoo - Fairford (11 to 13 July)

The Met Office is touching down at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford this weekend.

Upwards of 130,000 visitors are expected at the Air Tattoo, which is one of the world's largest military airshows.

The Met Office in conjunction with the Facility for Airbourne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM) team will be showing the BAe 146-301 Observation Based Research at the Air Tattoo.  The plane is used by the Met Office, UK Universities, and scientists to carry research such as investigating aircraft environmental impact, testing of new aircraft systems, or atmospheric research.

Met Office representatives will be joined by staff from FAAM, Direct Flight (the aircraft operators), and Avalon (the aircraft engineering company) to talk to the public about the aircraft and the science carried out by the plane.

Rob King, from the Met Office, said: "It is a great experience talking to the public explaining what we do with the Research Aircraft and how it helps the development of the science that goes into improving the accuracy of the weather forecast. Hopefully we will also inspire some of the younger members of the public by showing them that science is fun."

There is also a Met Office display stand at the Air Tattoo and meteorologists will be on site supplying forecasts for the flying displays.

The Met Office Civil Contingencies Aircraft (MOCCA) will also be at the Farnborough Air Show the next week.

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