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Mixed weather for the Easter weekend

Met Office meteorologists are predicting a mix of weather for the Easter weekend, with sunshine at first giving way to showers by Bank Holiday Monday.

The sun looks set to shine for many over the Easter weekend with Good Friday and Easter Saturday staying warm in most parts of the country after chilly nights. Temperatures will stay in the mid teens but there is a chance of the odd shower in the far North of Scotland on Saturday. The outlook for Sunday and Monday is a little more unsettled, with cloudier conditions and a chance of some rain, especially across England and Wales, whilst the North West may hang onto the drier conditions. Temperatures should stay above average, however.

We have Seven day forecast for around 7,000 locations across the UK, including specific forecasts for Leisure forecast, National Parks forecast and Mountain weather forecast. These are available in Seven day forecast and are available online, on your Mobile Weather, Met Office Weather App, or through our media partners on TV and radio. So, whatever you're planning to do or wherever you're heading to, you can stay up to date with the latest forecast to make the most of your Easter weekend.

Through the weekend UK rainfall radar are expected to be low to medium. However, an ozone anomaly, which is fairly common at this time of year, is affecting the UK at the moment, meaning UV levels could be higher than predicted in some areas. With this in mind, people should be aware that UV levels could be slightly higher than forecast.

Yinka Ebo, Senior Health Officer at Cancer Research UK said: "We all need a bit of sun to keep us healthy, but it is important to stay safe when the sun is strong. You can protect yourself and your family by using a combination of shade, clothing and at least SPF 15 sunscreen when enjoying the sunshine."

If you are out enjoying the sun this weekend check out our advice on how to stay safe.

If you are heading to the coast, you can get all the weather information you need and Tide times from our leisure forecasts for specific beaches.

Lifeguard Manager Brett Shepherd said: "We're really pleased to be providing lifeguard cover on beaches around the UK over the Easter period. However, the winter storms have changed the make-up of some beaches and many returning to their favourite spots may be surprised at how different everything looks. We'd urge anyone planning on visiting a beach over the Easter holidays to check local information in advance and head to a life guarded beach.

"Swimmers should ensure that they swim between the red and yellow flags, which mark out the safest area to swim and are patrolled by lifeguards. Please take heed of the safety signage and any advice offered by the lifeguards on duty."

 If you want to share any of your bank holiday weather photographs you can register on our Mobile Weather FAQs.

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