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Met Office to present at Energy Now Expo 2014

At Energy Now Expo 2014, Met Office experts will demonstrate how investment in scientific research can be applied to weather and climate services to help farmers and landowners get the most of their wind assets.

Landowners investing in Renewable energy face a key challenge of ensuring their site has enough wind to deliver the expected return over the life span of the investment. Presenting as part of the Wind Panel on Day one, Nick Law, Wind Energy Consultant from the Met Office, will explore the importance of accurate wind speed assessments (join Nick on the Wind Panel from 11.30am on Wednesday 12 February).

Nick's presentation, entitled, The Importance of Having a Wind Assessment, will explain how to quantify the risks associated with using poor quality wind data and the Met Office's approach to developing site specific, long term wind climatology and put forward a recommended approach for small and medium wind projects.

Michelle Spillar, Head of Renewables at the Met Office, said: "The power produced by any turbine is highly sensitive to the local wind speed and therefore the revenues generated from the prevailing Feed in Tariff (FIT) are equally sensitive to wind speeds. The combination of reductions in tariffs over time, together with increases in cost - as a result of the need for more due diligence - is steadily eroding profit margins for wind farm owners. In order to minimise the risk of underperformance and to maximise the return on investment over the asset's lifetime, it is extremely important that long term wind speed is defined as accurately as possible."

Combining its experience in numerical weather prediction, years of investing in research and development, and its capability for merging techniques and observational data, the Met Office helps farmers and landowners with renewable energy installations manage the impact of the weather. By providing site-specific data and forecasts through the complete business cycle, from site-selection to development, maintenance and operation, the Met Office helps operators predict more accurate energy output forecasts for their assets.

Meet the Met Office team on stand 70 to find out how the "Intelligent" Virtual Met Mast™ and Virtual Met Mast Plus™TM and Virtual Met Mast PlusTM reports can provide you with an accurate basis to determine the long-term potential power yield and associated revenues from the outset, without the expense of installing a real met mast.

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