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Holiday weather

The Met Office brings you Holiday weather; the 'go to' web pages for those of you travelling abroad. If you are looking for inspirational ideas about a weekend break, a summer holiday, or want to know which destinations offer the most winter sun, the Met Office can help you decide when to pack your bags and travel abroad.

If you are planning a holiday, new pages on the Met Office website means you can now find out what the weather is like in many top destinations. The Holiday weather pages are there to help you decide when to travel, providing in-depth weather information on a number of popular resorts around the world. There are rainfall, temperature and wind speed graphs, information on sunshine or snowfall amounts and even some information on sights to see when you get to your chosen holiday destination.

On the Holiday weather pages you can also find a video summarising the weather at five favourite holiday spots as chosen by UK travellers. It gives a summary of what weather you can expect when you get there, plus average climate data. February's video features holidays such as a sunny winter break to the Canary Islands or a quick week-end break amongst the cultural delights of Barcelona.

There are also additional links taking you to the current World forecasts pages giving details of the current weather situation so you can get a clearer picture of what the weather is like in your chosen destination.

If you're off on holiday, you'll definitely want to know what the Holiday weather is up to.

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