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NYE - what does the weather have in store?

The last few days have seen some crisp wintry days and nights with the coldest temperatures of the year so far.

Cromdale in Moray, Scotland, saw -9.0C in the early hours of 27th December, and England, Wales and Northern Ireland also saw their lowest temperatures of the year so far on the following night.

The weather is set to change with a rise in temperatures and a move to more unsettled weather, but what's the Weather looking like for New Years Eve itself?

It will be breezy with rain in western parts through the afternoon and evening of New Year's Eve, but this is likely to become lighter as midnight approaches and should have eased across Western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Elsewhere although it will be cloudy here to, it should remain dry throughout. Temperatures look likely to hold up above freezing across the country, with values ranging from around 3C across some eastern areas, to a very mild 10C in parts of the west.

Through the course of New Years Day, it will gradually turn wet and windy across the whole of the country - but it should stay mild.

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