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Bank holiday weather

The UK will see a mixture of sunshine and showers this bank holiday weekend, with temperatures around, or slightly above, average.

Although the weather will be somewhat mixed over the Bank Holiday weekend, most of us will see spells of dry weather with some sunshine and temperatures around average for the time of year.  Saturday looks like being the driest, brightest day  for many due to a ridge of high pressure. However, weak frontal systems coming down from the northwest will bring some cloud and patchy rain at times on Saturday night into Sunday. Things look set to become somewhat cooler and brighter again later in the weekend.

Whatever your plans this weekend you can UK forecast. There are Specialist forecasts which could help with your weekend plans such as Mountain weather forecastNational Parks forecast and our Events.

The weekend weather

Saturday 23 May - will be mainly dry with sunny periods for many parts. Any patchy light rain or drizzle in the south at first should clear as we go through the morning. Thicker cloud and outbreaks of rain will probably reach the northwest by the end of the day. It will feel pleasant in the sunshine with temperatures reaching the mid to high teens generally and perhaps a bit higher in the south and southwest where it could feel warm. We may see frost in rural areas overnight in northern, eastern and perhaps some central areas.

Sunday 24 May - Southeastern areas will start dry and bright with sunny spells. However, cloud and outbreaks of rain further northwest will spread southeast, reaching Wales and northern England during the morning and southeastern areas  by the end of the day. Brighter conditions will follow to northern and some central areas. Southeastern areas may still feel reasonably warm whilst it will be quite cool elsewhere.

Looking ahead to Monday 25 May - cloudy and damp conditions could still linger in the far southeast, clearing through the morning. Apart from this, brighter, cooler conditions are expected to dominate Monday's weather with a mixture of sunshine and a few showers. We are likely to see more showers in the north, where they may be sharp at times. Southern areas, especially the SW, look drier with only isolated showers likely.  Temperatures are expected to be slightly below normal with a risk of rural grass frost overnight in northern and central area but it should feel pleasant in any sunny spells.

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