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London Marathon Forecast

Sunday 26 April sees the 35th London Marathon, and with a change in the weather coming this weekend, it looks likely that the event will see some rather unsettled conditions.

The 2015 race is likely to be cloudy with outbreaks of rain on and off throughout the 26.2 mile course, and there could be some heavy bursts of rain at times. It is very likely to feel quite cool under the cloud and rain, especially for the spectators, and will be particularly noticeable given the change from warm, sunny conditions for many over recent days. Martin Young, Deputy Chief Meteorologist said: "Given that there remain some uncertainties in the details for Sunday, the public are advised to keep up to date with the latest Met Office forecasts."

The London marathon normally takes place in April. However, the earliest date was the 29 March in 1981 and the latest was 13 May in 1984. When comparing the weather in London for different marathons, Heathrow is normally used as it has the best and longest range of weather data. 

The marathons with the highest maximum daytime temperature were 1996 and 2007 at 22.2C, with the lowest maximum in both 1983 and 1994 at just 10.2C. 2004 was a particularly wet and windy race, and the sunniest was 1996, whilst 1981, 1983 and 2006 saw no sunshine at all.

For more information about the forecast see our UK forecast and our London Marathon

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