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How much rain fell this morning?

In the past 24 hours there has been some heavy rainfall across some parts of the UK

Thundery downpours affected the south east of England during Thursday leading to localised flooding across Kent and Sussex.

Overnight and through this morning the attention moved towards more northern and western parts of the UK, with flooding being reported across parts of the West Midlands and north west England.

UK rainfall totals 1am to midday 14 August 2015
Site Area Rainfall (mm)
Keele Staffordshire 51.8
Pershore College Hereford and Worcester 45.6
Newport Shropshire 38.8
Rochdale Greater Manchester 37.8
Astwood Bank Hereford and Worcester 34.4
Waddington Lincolnshire 30
Dunkeswell Aerodrome Devon 29.2
Gringley-on-the-Hill Nottinghamshire 28.6
Isle of Portland Dorset 27.4
Spadeadam Cumbria 27
Winchcombe Gloucestershire 26.6
Usk Monmouthshire 26.6
Hereford Hereford and Worcester 25.6
Shobdon Airfield Hereford and Worcester 25.2
Rostherne Cheshire 25

During the rest of today the rain will slowly edge eastwards, with the possibility of some heavy rain over northern England and eastern Scotland.

Ahead of the rain, bright and warm weather may trigger a few heavy, thundery showers across eastern and south east England. Met Office Severe weather warnings have been updated

Once the rain has passed we can expect to see an improvement in the weather for this weekend, with drier and brighter weather for much of the UK.  Many will see some good spells of sunshine with temperatures back to near average for the time of year. The start of next week continues to look quiet in many areas although some rain may affect the far northeast of the UK.

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