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Met Office celebrates ground-breaking science

As British Science Week gets underway the Met Office is celebrating the cutting edge work it carries out in the field of science.

Science Week is a ten-day programme of science, technology, engineering and math's (STEM) events and activities held across the UK aimed at people of all ages.

The Met Office is a centre for world-leading weather and climate science Research aiding international collaboration on both academic and personal levels. It shares its expertise and knowledge with many scientists and meteorological services around the globe, and promotes the use of innovative climate-sensitive sustainability solutions to improve the way in which we live.

STEM are at the heart of the Met Office and we are continually looking at ways to engage people, young and old, in the fascinating worlds of weather and climate science.

We have a STEM outreach programme which includes a series of interactive Met Office Science Camps for schools with hands-on activities aimed at understanding how weather and climate are measured and forecast. The outreach programme has been awarded the European Meteorological Society's Outreach and Communication award in recognition of our outstanding efforts in engaging young people.

Over the last decade or so, predicting the weather and climate has become one of the most important areas of scientific research. This is partly due to an increase in forecasting skills and partly because climate change is now widely accepted and there is a rapidly increasing realisation that it will affect every person in the world- either directly or indirectly.

Work at the Met Office is incredibly varied, and this is reflected in the career options everything from Science and Forecasting to Engineering and Business Development. You can hear from a whole range of different people who are employed at the Met Office, from IT specialists to Climate Change scientists, in a series of British Science Week throughout this week.

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