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When it matters, our new mobile app helps you stay ahead of the weather

We have launched our new weather forecast mobile app, enabling people to stay both safe and one step ahead of the weather, and giving confidence to those planning their day wherever they are.

By developing the mobile experience using real-time consumer feedback, the Met Office Weather App delivers faster, more accurate forecast information and Severe weather warnings to the public, across both iOS and Android devices for up to seven days in advance.

The Met Office Weather app is the only app on the market to feature Pollen forecast and a UK rainfall radar video of both forecasts and radar observations, as well as real-time air pollution figures, to help users plan for the expected conditions.

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In addition to the new updates, the app can provide a weekly snapshot of the weather for multiple locations and also personalises the delivery of information to focus in on the user's specific requirements. Hourly updates and push notifications are available for those on the go, while the delivery of UK National Severe Weather Warnings are vital to ensure planning and safety in the event of severe snow, strong winds, ice or fog.

Derrick Ryall, Head of the Public Weather Service, said: "We know that more and more people are choosing mobile devices to access their weather information from the Met Office and it's vital we continue to address this changing behaviour so we can deliver our world-class weather service. The new app technology will enable us to evolve our digital presence and the ways in which people want to access their weather information in the future."

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The new app allows users to access more accurate weather forecasts for their location, becoming a vital companion ahead of the Great British Summer season. New Half of Brits Secretly Wish For 'Weekend Washouts' revealed that 62% of UK adults currently check the weather on a daily basis. Nearly half (44%) say access to weather apps mean they check the weather more regularly with one in ten people finding weather apps the most useful type of app.

The research also found that 58% have been to an event that was ruined because the weather wasn't planned for. Surprisingly though over half (56%) admit they secretly wish for 'washout' weekends so they have an excuse to stay at home, and 42% say they have previously used the weather as an excuse for not attending an event.

Clare Nasir, Met Office Meteorologist and Presenter said: "At the Met Office, we strive to keep the public as well informed as possible so they can stay safe and plan ahead. Ahead of the bank holiday, most people around the UK will be talking about their hopes and plans for a long, sunny weekend and we want to make sure they have the most up to date and accurate weather forecast possible. And the Met Office app does just that, from exact rainfall times, to the UK video forecast, to the pollen count for the bank holiday weekend."

The Met Office Weather App is available to download now for free. For iPhone the app is available from the App store. For Android the app is available from the Google Play store.

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