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Summer stats are in, but what do they show?

Provisional statistics for Summer 2016 show that it was both rather wet but also slightly warmer than average.

The UK's mean temperature for this What is Summer? was 14.9 °C which is just over half a degree warmer than Climate averages based on data from 1981 to 2010. All four of the home nations were above average temperature wise, however they also all experienced above average rainfall. The UK's rainfall total for the summer was 271.4 mm, which is 13 % above average, mainly as a result of the wet weather we saw in June.

It wasn't an overly sunny summer, and that's represented in the statistics. The UK recorded 6% less sunshine than average with just 475.7 hours recorded. As a result many of us will feel we were a little short changed when it comes to summery weather, but it was nowhere near the dullest summer on record which was in 1954 when only 378 hours of sunshine were recorded.

summer 222222

The August statistics also show that after a very wet first day of the month when an area of Highs and lows moved across the south of the UK, it was still drier than average for the majority of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, frontal systems affected northwestern parts making it wetter than average here.

There were no exceptionally warm days in the first half of the month, with nothing above 28 °C. Then a feed of air from the south gave high temperatures across England and especially the southeast and East Anglia towards the end of the month with 34.1 °C recorded at Faversham, Kent on 24 August making it the warmest day of the year so far.

Mean temperatures were above normal by around one degree for most of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but close to normal for Scotland. Maximum temperatures are also close to or above normal, with parts of East Anglia up by more than two degrees.

Aug max 2

Rainfall was generally near or rather below normal. East Anglia and the southeast were driest, with some parts seeing less than 50 % of their average. A few areas have had more than average, notably in northern England and the western isles of Scotland. West was not best for the sunshine with duller conditions here but across the UK as a whole sunshine hours were up around 5 % on the average so far this month.

Aug 2

Looking ahead and summer is still trying to hold on. Whilst Saturday is looking rather wet and windy, there should be an improvement in the weather for most as we go into next week. There is likely to be a good deal of fine weather away from the northwest, and some warm or very warm conditions are also expected by mid week.

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