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Thundery showers for parts of the UK

The showery conditions are expected to continue over the next few days, but things should settle down through the weekend.

However before that, over the next 48 hours, warm humid air spreading across the south of England will bring the risk of severe weather in places. Severe weather warnings are in force in parts of southeastern parts of the UK.

The plume of warm, humid air will allow temperatures across the south and east of England to reach low to mid 20's Celsius by day with some muggy nights. The combination of warmth and humidity will fuel heavy showers or Thunder and lightning across some central, southeastern parts of the UK later today (Wednesday), during Thursday and perhaps to begin with on Friday.

Southeastern parts of the UK are most likely to see the worst of the thundery downpours and National Severe Weather Warnings are in force. Not everywhere will see the torrential rain, but there is the chance of 30mm in an hour with locally in excess of 50mm or more possible over the course of a few hours leading to possible disruption to travel and localised flooding.

Parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland could also see some heavy, possibly thundery showers during Thursday and Friday.

The mixed bag of weather seen in June so far continues into the weekend with a combination of sunny spells and slow-moving, heavy thundery showers for Saturday, before conditions dry up in most places for Sunday. It'll feel warm in the strong June sunshine throughout the weekend.

This means that anyone with outdoor plans, over the next few days should be prepared for a mix of weather.

For Glastonbury Festival, although the site may miss the worst of the rain over the next few days, showers are still possible, particularly over the weekend when they could be heavy and thundery. So far this month over 93mm of rain has been recorded in the area so conditions underfoot are already wet and muddy.

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