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The last of the snow for now

Strong, bitterly cold, easterly winds will continue for many through the rest of today and into tonight

However, Monday should be the last really cold day for most of the UK followed by a return to more typical late March conditions by Tuesday for much of the country.

Away from the South West of England, snow showers have continued to ease through Sunday, but another area of snow is expected to move west across southern areas into tonight. Although temperatures have struggled to get above freezing in many places today some of the snow has started to melt and, with temperatures dropping overnight to -3 °C quite widely, a Yellow National Severe Weather Warnings for ice has been issued for much of the country.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Andy Page said: “A low pressure system in the English Channel brought prolonged snow to large parts of the South West throughout Sunday and the Amber National Severe Weather Warnings  for snow was extended into the early hours of Monday. 

“Many places will see further disruptive snowfall with 5-10 cm falling within 2 to 3 hours in some places. Meanwhile, parts of Dartmoor and South Devon could have a further 10-15 cm, with as much as 20-30 cm over some eastern parts of Dartmoor”.

Monday will be a brighter day for many with sunny spells It will be mostly dry although there is a chance of showers later on the east side of the UK. The bitter easterly winds will continue throughout.

Temperatures will remain low for Monday for most of the country and with the bitter easterly wind there contuse to be a significant wind chill risk, making it feel several degrees colder than thermometers show.

Public Health England have issued a Level 3 Cold weather alert for the coming weekend. Dr Thomas Waite, a Consultant in Health Protection at Public Health England, said: “The weather has felt much milder for the last week or so, but this weekend it is much colder again. That may come as a shock to the system for some whose bodies may struggle to cope in cold weather.

“It’s worth remembering that cold temperatures – indoors and outdoors - can affect health, particularly in young children, older people and those with heart and lung conditions. So if you know someone in any of these groups, please keep an eye on them over the coming days make sure they’re heating their homes to at least 18 °C and keeping an eye on the weather forecast.”

Richard Leonard, Highways England Head of Road Safety, said: “Gritters will be out treating our roads around the clock, but it is still important to drive to the conditions when snow is forecast.

“Keep your distance and reduce your speed, because even in conditions that seem normal, and where the snow is not settling, it can be slippery if ice patches have formed, or where fresh grit has not been worked into the carriageway.

“Drivers should plan their journeys, monitor weather reports and pack a snow kit of blankets, food, water and a shovel.”

After Monday we should see a return to more typical late March conditions by Tuesday for much of the country.

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