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Grant funding FAQ

Generic questions

Q: Can we include Met Office scientists in our bids? 
A: No, we would not expect Met Office staff to be part of a consortium. However, if the delivery of a bid requires support from the Met Office (i.e. granting access to specific datasets, models or in-country partners) please highlight this requirement using the question function in the Tendering Portal prior to submitting your bid and we can explore how the support might be provided.


Q: Will there be more than one successful bidder per Lot? Can there be multiple proposals funded under the same Lot? Will the expectation be a consortium for the whole amount or will this be smaller bids around one of the required themes?
A: Awards will only be one contract per Lot. If the winning bid is made up of a consortium, a lead organisation should be nominated to act as the contract lead.


Q: The current call timings allow little time for recruitment. Our organisation cannot advertise a research position until the contract is signed. Can the start and end dates be pushed back to allow a greater window for recruitment? 
A: We are conscious of timescales and will provide notifications as soon as possible to maximise any recruitment requirements. However, the end dates of the grant are based on the funding timescales and cannot be extended.


Q: We understand that consortia must be represented by one lead organisation. Would individual partners in a consortium pass invoices to the Met Office for payment or would it be expected that the grant funding flows to the consortium lead which then invoices individual partners?
A: The grant funding flows to the consortium lead which then receives and pays invoices from the consortium members.


Q: Is it ok to contribute to more than one proposal? I am looking to lead one and contribute a small contribution to another?
A: It is acceptable although we wouldn't expect multiple lead bids for the same call and it is important to consider available resource to deliver the work.


Q: Please can you clarify whether private sector for-profit organisations are eligible to respond to this call?
A: Please review the eligibility requirements for the call that you are applying for.


Strategic Priorities Fund-specific questions

Q: Is background information available regarding the scope and activities (of both the Met Office and the UK partners) of the work packages and scientific progress that I can refer to at this stage? 
A: Background information on SPF projects can be found at Opportunities – UKRI