CSSP China

The Climate Science for Service Partnership China (CSSP China) is a scientific research project that is building the basis for services to support climate and weather resilient economic development and social welfare through strong, strategic partnerships harnessing UK scientific expertise.

Through CSSP China (supported by the Newton Fund and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) UK-China Research Innovation Partnership Fund) we are developing a strongly bilateral partnership between the Met Office, the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other key institutes within China and the UK.


The overarching aims of CSSP China are to:

  • develop and use improved underpinning data sets for understanding past climate, recent extremes, and possible future changes in China;
  • enhance understanding of global dynamics of climate variability and change to improve regional climate predictions of extreme events;
  • enhance understanding of East Asian climate variability and extremes, their causes and predictability;
  • develop underpinning models and climate projection systems for improved simulation of climate and understanding of future changes; and
  • develop applied science and prototype services to support climate-resilient development and social welfare.

CSSP China focuses on five main research areas:

  1. Work package 1: Monitoring, Attribution and Reanalysis
  2. Work package 2: Global dynamics of climate variability and change
  3. Work package 3: East Asian climate variability and extremes
  4. Work package 4: Development of models and climate projection systems
  5. Work package 5: Climate Services


CSSP China research grants awarded – September 2019
Following the publication of calls in May 2019, we are pleased to announce the following awards for new project work under CSSP China commencing in October 2019:

  • University of Reading/Institute for Environmental Analytics/National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) - Providing methodologies and communications materials for sharing the outputs and knowledge from CSSP China.
  • Read a blog post on this here


CSSP China launched in 2014


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